Confidential Settlements

The firm is not permitted to discuss certain cases because of confidential settlements and cannot reveal the parties involved or the financial arrangements reached in these cases.

We can detail the following achievements on behalf of our clients that have received extensive coverage in the news. This page includes clients represented by Sean Herrmann and Kevin Murphy, among others, at a prior law firm.

Because each case is different prior results should not create an expectation about future results in an individual case. The outcome of a particular case cannot be predicated upon a lawyer’s or a law firm’s past results.

Brandy Legree v. American Airlines, Inc., et al. Civil Action No. 3:20-cv-166

The firm has filed a lawsuit against American Airlines, Piedmont Airlines, and our client’s former supervisor, Michael Jackson, for sexual harassment and assault. What happened to Brandy should have been avoided, as the defendants were aware that Jackson committed similar misconduct while working for them in Philadelphia. “This is not the first time that sexual harassment escalates, becomes physical and then turns violent,” Sean Herrmann told the Charlotte Observer. “She had warned people above her what was happening. She told them over and over again and they said, ‘That’s his M.O.,’ and didn’t do anything to stop him. Then this escalated in the worst way possible.”

Driskell v. Summit Contracting Group, Inc., 3:16-cv-819 (WDNC) (Charlotte)

Won $750,000 federal jury verdict in favor of our client who was illegally terminated for reporting his boss for drinking on the job. The $681,000 in punitive damages awarded by the jury to our client is the largest ever amount issued in the Western District in an employment case. This award is likely to be reduced by the Court because it is even higher than the law allows.

Wick v. Sheriff of Iredell County, 5:12-cv-52 (WDNC) (Statesville)

Settled sexual harassment and abuse of power case against Iredell County Sheriff’s Office for $475,000.

Kevin Murphy Quoted in Story on retaliation.

Kevin Murphy Quoted on Invalidating Non-Compete Agreements

Non-Compete Agreements create huge, unnecessary obstacles for employees looking for new jobs. In this interview, Kevin Murphy discusses some of the common lines of attack employed against these agreements.

Kevin Murphy Quoted on National Labor Relations Act

The National Labor Relations Act is no longer an impediment to employers’ one-sided arbitration agreements. However, Herrmann and Murphy has found that presumptions about arbitration favoring employers do not bear out in practice.

Kevin Murphy Quoted on the Inequities of Temporary Jobs

Employers often view temporary workers as something less than employees, but these workers also have rights.

Sean Herrmann and Kevin Murphy Interviewed on House Bill 2

House Bill 2—or HB2—was a North Carolina law purporting to require people to use the restroom that corresponded to the gender listed on their birth certificate, rather than their gender identity. The law was severely flawed in many other ways as well, including by also invalidating long-standing state protections from racial, gender, age, national origin, and disability discrimination. Through the tireless efforts of civil rights activists and progressive-minded citizens, the state repealed the law in early 2017—albeit without adopting any new civil rights protections for the LGBT community.

Sean Herrmann and Kevin Murphy repeatedly appeared in print, radio, and television coverage against the law.

Kevin Murphy Quoted on the Americans with Disabilities Act

The ADA requires employers and employees to take a flexible approach to the issue of reasonable accommodations with the aim of ensuring disabled employees are able to pursue meaningful careers without outdated stereotypes and wrongheaded assumptions getting in the way.

Sean Herrmann Quoted on Lawsuit Against Trump Campaign

Sean Herrmann and Kevin Murphy represented a Trump Campaign staffer in a lawsuit against the Campaign. This case was covered extensively locally and nationally.

Sean Herrmann Quoted on Lawsuit Involving Miracle on the Hudson

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