False Claims Act

Company practices that amount to fraud on the government are not uncommon. Such fraud often puts employees in difficult positions at the workplace. They can obey the orders of the boss, despite knowing what they’ve been asked to do is illegal, or they can push back and face reprisal.

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Federal False Claims Act

Fortunately, there are legal protections for workers who find themselves in this predicament. The Federal False Claims Act provides both an outlet for reporting and protections against retaliation for speaking out. With regard to the former, the False Claims Act allows individuals to work with—and on behalf of—the federal government to fight fraud. Known as Qui Tam cases, whistleblowers can file suit on behalf of the government, and the government can investigate and decide whether to directly involve itself in prosecuting the alleged fraud. Such actions can bring large financial penalties to culpable companies. Those who initiate such complaints—known as “relators”—are often rewarded a percentage of the money recovered. Not only can being a relator help put an end to fraudulent practices, it can also be quite financially rewarding.

Moreover, the False Claims Act’s protections against retaliation are meaningful and work to ensure that Congress’s goal of eliminating fraud on the government can be met. If an employee is terminated for reporting fraud on the government, he or she would be entitled to lost wages and other significant damages.

How We Can Help

Bringing claims under the False Claims Act is a minefield, especially with respect to Qui Tam actions. If you think you have witnessed fraud on the government at your workplace or have been retaliated against for reporting such fraud, contact our employment law attorneys at 704.940.6399 or 864.516.7526 or send us an email.


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