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Confidential Settlements

The firm’s attorneys have successfully resolved over 250 cases through confidential settlements. The firm is not permitted to disclose the parties involved or the financial arrangements reached in these cases.

We can detail the following achievements on behalf of our clients. This page includes clients represented by Sean Herrmann and Kevin Murphy, among others, at a prior law firm.

Because each case is different prior results should not create an expectation about future results in an individual case. The outcome of a particular case cannot be predicated upon a lawyer’s or a law firm’s past results.

Cox v. Lewis Charles Jewett, 19-CVS-1316 (Mecklenburg)

On February 18, 2020, we won a $772,275 jury verdict on claims for sexual assault, battery, and false imprisonment. Even after the District Attorney dismissed criminal charges against our client’s former boss, we were able to prove to the jury that the defendant was lying and that he committed these grave wrongs. The jury’s verdict included a substantial punitive damages award intended to punish the defendant for his egregious conduct.

Driskell v. Summit Contracting Group, Inc., 3:16-cv-819 (WDNC) (Charlotte)

Won $750,000 federal jury verdict in favor of our client who was illegally terminated for reporting his boss for drinking on the job. The $681,000 in punitive damages awarded by the jury to our client is the largest ever amount issued in the Western District in an employment case. This award is likely to be reduced by the Court because it is even higher than the law allows.

Pearsall v. Delta Career Education Corporation, 7:17-cv-226 (EDNC) (Raleigh)

Won $334,535.68 judgment in arbitration of our client’s wrongful termination and racial discrimination claims. Our client was fired from her job teaching at Miller-Motte College in Wilmington, North Carolina after complaining about her supervisor’s racist language and attitude

Wick v. Sheriff of Iredell County, 5:12-cv-52 (WDNC) (Statesville)

Settled sexual harassment and abuse of power case against Iredell County Sheriff’s Office for $475,000.

Ramos v. Carolina Motor Club, Inc. d/b/a AAA Carolinas, 3:17-cv-212 (WDNC) (Charlotte)

Court denied Defendant’s attempt to dismiss our client’s national origin harassment, discrimination, and retaliation case because of the severity of the harassment she experienced and evidence suggesting that the Defendant’s stated reason for her termination was not the real reason it fired her. This case settled just before trial.

Chandler v. W.B. Moore Co. of Charlotte, Inc., 3:18-cv-149 (WDNC) (Charlotte)

Court denied Defendant’s attempt to dismiss our client’s race retaliation case on statute of limitations grounds. With this case, we re-established a longer period of time allowed for an employee denied recourse by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to file a complaint in Court.

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