Nuclear Safety Under the Energy Reorganization Act

The Energy Reorganization Act

The law protects employees in the nuclear industry from retaliation because of the extreme risks to the public associated with unsafe conditions in nuclear plants. The Energy Reorganization Act prohibits employers from taking any adverse employment action against employees that make nuclear safety complaints, refuse to engage in unsafe practices, or participate in Nuclear Regulatory Commission investigations.

Employers in the nuclear industry often tout their adherence to the Safety Conscious Work Environment. But many still shoot the messenger rather than solve the problems raised by conscientious employees. When nuclear-related companies retaliate, employees must file their claims with the Department of Labor within 180 days of the retaliatory action. The Department of Labor then conducts an investigation and is empowered to reinstate the injured employees and/or make an award of back pay. Most of these actions can also be fought in federal court.

If you believe you are the victim of illegal retaliation or if you are considering reporting a problem internally or to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, you should reach out for a consultation today.

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